18 August 2011

High Street Business Business Business!!!!!!

Some of us broke their personal records today by staying at PMA from 8am to midnight. We are all exhausted, but although Roberta said this was the point where we were supposed to get on each other's nerves, the atmosphere is still pretty cheerful.

We laugh a lot and support one another, which makes this stressful process much more bearable. I can't remember if I have ever felt this tired before, but I am still loving the experience.

The magazine is coming together nicely, and if it goes to press on time, we will get Saturday off. The prospect of having a full weekend to sleep and do nothing is very motivating, especially because we are planning a big night out on Friday night (if we're still alive by then).

Can't really think of anything else to say as I am about 80 per cent (style!) brain-dead at the moment.



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