15 August 2011


Sorry about the title...kind of sums up the feeling at PMA right now.

Press week kicked off with a mock law exam. We have yet to find out how we did but my inkling is some more revision will be needed...

And then it was all systems go on High Street Biz! I collated the news and with the help of Roberta put it all in order of importance. I was relieved to find that we have more than enough to fill the book - that is what I was most worried about at the beginning of the course but now it seems like a rather silly worry, writing lots is easy! It's cutting it down that's the hard part.

Our day was punctuated with shorthand and I managed to scrape 80wpm! I am really rather relieved to have it under my belt and tbh I'd be happy if I don't manage to top it, but I'm aiming for 100wpm anyway.

Today was the day that we finally started laying out the magazine, it is so satisfying to finally be getting the copy and pics on the page. Krissie has done a great job at the style guide which makes it much easier for us - thanks Chapleo!

At the end of the busy day another ex PMAer came to speak to us. He has a job available on a financial website...I'm thinking of applying but I still can't get my head around writing something that I know nothing about. Finance to me is saving up for a holiday or maybe, at the complicated end or the scale, setting up a standing order. I will have to get over that if I am ever going to get a job!

I could have easily stayed all night tonight as I was getting really into laying out my features, but I have to think about one and a half hour commute...it would be too depressing to get in at 10pm, go to sleep and get up at 6am!

That is all. Bedtime.


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