13 August 2011

Free food!

Our very lovely editor, Sammi, won a competition where she got to have a cooking class with a master Italian chef and cook a group of friends a meal. And guess who she cooked for...? Us!

So we had a lovely break from magazine mayhem with a scrumptious FREE Italian meal at San Lorenzo, Wimbledon. We dined in the restaurant courtyard and the rain held off so we could almost kid ourself that we were somewhere continental. Almost.

The event was sponsored by Birra Moretti so the food courses all had been cooked with beer, except for the tiramasu and the couscous. There was also a lot beer flowing. Sadly I'm not a beer drinker but everyone else got merry.

Sammi looked very fetching in her chef outfit and clearly the master chef thought so too. He liked to sit down at our table a lot and stroke her. No female was safe though...

We vowed to not talk shop (no pun intended) but we broke that vow just a little bit to discuss what we wanted the picture in our centre spread to look like so Krissie could tell the illustrator. However we did manage to forget the magazine for most of the meal!

Today was the eye of the storm though - all peaceful before the mentalness of next week as we lay out our pages and go to press...

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  1. Congratulation Sammi for won the competition. She deserved the reward.


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