27 August 2011

Big Hospitality

A lot has happened since the magazine went to press... That weekend we got drunk, went dancing and caught up on quite a few hours of sleep. It all felt amazing, but you never really have time to be complacent at PMA, so we also had to do some work.

We have now been on placement for a week, and I think it's going well for all of us (especially Lottie from what I gather... jealous!) Everyone at Children and Young People Now is lovely, but I must say writing about budget cuts and street gangs all the time can be a bit depressing... Still a great learning experience though!

The main thing for me this past week has been my job application at Big Hospitality. My first interview went very well, I was surprisingly relaxed and after it they asked me to write a story based on a press release. The deadline was pretty tight and I had to squeeze this task into my work day at CYPNow, which was not the easiest thing, but I made it (with a lot of support from Roberta) and they asked me to come in for a second interview next Thursday! My task this time is to come up with three video ideas for the website, including one detailed brief. But as we have been trained to always do more than what is asked of us, I decided to actually shoot and edit a video, so today Sammi and I headed to the real cider festival in Islington. We spent the afternoon eating delicious food and tasting many different types of cider... oh, and we shot the video too! Ah, the life of a journalist...

I just edited the video and I think it looks pretty good, so hopefully that will get me the job! One thing I realised with this experience is how well PMA prepares us for the job market. At the interview, they asked me what I knew about video editing, SEO, online writing, subbing... all skills I knew nothing about two months ago, and am now proficient in. I was even able to show them examples of my work in all these areas, which I think made a big difference.

Only two weeks to go now...

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