07 August 2011

Back to reality

I was at home this weekend for my sister's wedding. It was a very joyous occasion, and a nice little break from PMA.
On the plane to Nice I actually caught myself thinking I was going to miss PMA. I wonder if I should be worried... We spend so much time working together that it felt weird to get away from it all. I'm pretty sure there will be tears when we all part ways in September!
Of course when I got to France and saw all my family reunited, I quickly forgot about shorthand, subbing and interviewing! We had a lovely time together, and leaving them was hard after only a couple of days.
It also reminded me of what holidays feel like, and I must say it's very easy to get used to it! I'm glad it was only a two-day break because if it had been longer I might not have come back at all!
And here I am tonight, back in London, ready (or not?) to go back to work! Two weeks to go before High Street Magazine goes to press, I can feel the pressure mounting up... But even though I was a little sad on the plane, it felt good to see the Hampstead Road gang again. After all, they are a little bit like my London family now!

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