27 August 2011

All quiet on the Western front

So I'm a few days late writing my blog post - I blame the change of scenery. For no longer am I confined to my computer, or the "boardroom" at PMA, but I am in fact now on my two week placement at Third Sector magazine.

After the pace of the last six weeks, and especially last week, Third Sector is eerily quiet. I felt self-conscious everytime I picked up the phone at first, my self-consciousness soon evaporated though as once you at your desk working on something the background just fades out. I am very much enjoying the fact I have my own landline phone, I feel more official and after 6 weeks at PMA my mobile's battery life is pretty much non-existant now and it needs to be recharged constantly.

Because August is a quiet month Third Sector changes from being a weekly to a fortnightly magazine. And its probably a good thing too because everyone who works in the charity sector appears to be on holiday, meaning there is a complete lack of stories around.

I have done a few of the regular columns for the magazine and website. My favourite task of the week though was doing a phone interview with the chief executive of Blue Cross who was on "Undercover Boss". Chatting with her and her Press Officer who arranged the behind the scenes stuff was really interesting.

Right now though I'm enjoying the long weekend - because it gives me time to look at shorthand and media law! Ah the PMA life...

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