19 July 2011

Week two already...

Only one week has passed since we first stepped into the PMA building, and yet it feels like it’s been a month. In seven days I wrote 16 news stories, resubmitted them about a thousand times (I will get you one day, KaliPro!!), went rambling around Camden Town desperately looking for women with strollers, got offered a mug and a super cool ruler/calculator at the 50+ Show, got soaked at the Shoreditch Festival, and learned how to write ‘toadstools’ in shorthand (which I’m sure will prove very handy some day).

Yesterday we all arrived fresh and rested after a day away from PMA. It took us quite a while to decide on our beats for the magazine, but we made it. Then followed a press conference/news writing marathon about a gunman’s 24-hour killing spree... And when Roberta, aka Detective Henshaw, burst out laughing after solemnly saying the shock was “very profound”, we knew it was time to stop.

Now, as a tribute to The Apprentice that ended on Sunday night, let’s have a look at our highlights from Monday:

- Krissie found her knew favourite shorthand outline: URGENT. Good one Krissie!

- Sammi was elected editor or High Street Business! Yay SAMMOOOO!

- Lottie was offered the position of news editor, although I’m not sure she’s in the mood to celebrate tonight after a whole day studying with a fever... hang in there Lottie!

- I am now deputy editor of the magazine, and I have absolutely no idea what a deputy editor is supposed to do...

- We had an epic walk home in the rain after 12 hours at PMA. Zigzagging between puddles and hitting trees with our umbrellas while Sammi sings Singing in the rain is actually a lot of fun!

- And the quote of the day goes to Becky: “I’m always happy at the beginning of the week but by Thursday I’m like f... my life!”

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