22 July 2011

The shakes

Well it's the end of week two and PMA now seems like normality. Albeit a slightly stressful normality.

I can barely remember what we did today (a blur of video editing) so instead I'll ponder about what might happen tomorrow...

We haven't seen Roberta since Monday... This means she must be itching to give us a mountain of exclusives to find. It's imminent and rather doom laden as we all have about 20 resubs to trawl through in addition to whatever will be added to the pile tomorrow.

But enough of my moaning. This week we've had a two day masterclass on social media (lesson learnt: get on Twitter), we've covered a rather grisly rolling news story narrated by an always sincere Roberta and produced video vox pops of Camden market traders. All in a week's work.

Oh - and I managed to produce a 'beautiful Haiku on digital marketing' thanks to my utter lack of HTML skills.

Which is something that needs to be fixed in the next hour to make my midnight deadline. It's on...?

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