21 July 2011

A (P)ositively (M)ental (A)dventure...

This blog seems to have turned into a series of endurance diaries of how we're surviving the treacherous vicinities of Mornington Crescent. I think I can now appreciate why that is.

With 14 days under my belt, PMA has provided a course which has destroyed my sleep pattern and basic ideals such as having enough time to cook a wholesome meal. I now find myself dreaming about shorthand. For example, last night I dreamt I was peddling a push-bike through the corridors of the hotel from 'The Shining' only to be confronted by two evil Teeline vowel indicators. Yes, apparently my dreams are now influenced by Stanley Kubrick and Ann Dix.

But from a personal perspective the course has definitely re-shaped my views of an industry I mistakenly thought I had already figured out. The condensed nature of the course has made me realise just how important perfect copy is to a journalist and I now feel like it is my mission to achieve consistently good levels of grammar.

Yesterday we learnt about Google Analytics and Diigo, two great ways of utilizing the internet to our advantage. Diigo allows users to save bookmarked websites into groups - something that will be a great aide to our upcoming High Street Business magazine. Whilst Google Analytics allows users to accurately analyze their website traffic and I was proud to see that my blog is mildly popular to Scandinavians.

Last week we attended the 50+ show and it was a memorable experience to say the least. It provided a real opportunity to find a fresh angle of how businesses are currently catering to the 50 plus market. I can now also reveal that I am officially a member of Grannynet, an admission my colleagues will probably ridicule me for.

I will end this blog with a link to every good Journalists theme tune. Rumour has it Hunter S Thompson used to dance to this during LSD fuelled investigative journalism. Okay so I probably made that last bit up. But this self-indulgent, cheesy 80's tune has gotten me through the last few weeks and its infectious happiness makes every rejected news piece feel slightly less painful.


Enjoy - Tom.

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