15 July 2011

Old news!

Well as much as I would like to say 'week one is over!!!' I can't. We have to be in at 9am tomorrow, although I am disproportionally excited about the half an hour lie in -I am the only commuter so I get up at silly o'clock. I have actually found that I am surprisingly productive on the train, except when I'm asleep on the man next to me with my pen poised over my shorthand notebook, maybe dribbling a bit too.

After a mock up press conference in the morning today, we were sent to a 50+ exhibition with instructions to find EIGHT news stories in one afternoon. It was very hard. I can't tell you how many times I heard 'it's a brand new product, it's only been on sale for a year!' I'm sorry, but that is not new.

Everyone at the exhibition was in 'sales' mode so it was hard to get them to talk about something other than how wonderful their old product is. We don't care. When we did find something we could (possibly) write about, it became obvious how much we are going to need shorthand....my notes are a mess.

With nine stories to write, one to resubmit, and a lot of shorthand to do, tonight certainly doesn't feel like a Friday night!

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