13 July 2011

News, news and more news

Today was the second day of news writing, except there was more of an active twist we actually wrote some.

Three news stories as opposed to yesterday's miserly one; each against a tight 20 minute deadline. But it turned out to be a very valuable and, dare I say, fun lesson in just 50 words.

Yes we all had to get used to our copy being vandalised by scrawly red biro and the growing pile of resubmissions, but there was plenty of incessant laughter along the way, including the curious cases of the loony chocolate Easter bunny woman and the last chicken and mushroom slice (in case you didn't notice, that's 50 words).

We also did shorthand up to 80 wpm, which was at times, frightening. Those damn 'toadstools'...

Everyone got to finish much earlier today which was great!

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