19 July 2011

I'm on a blog roll

So today has been eventful both in and outside of PMA. This morning, we were introduced to Dan Thornton - master of the web - who showed us many things that are still a blur to me. I know Krissie was teacher's pet today so I'm hoping I can score some brownie points in this blog post with some hyperlinking action!

One great website I didn't know about when finding credible news sources is http://www.whois.net/. It's scary to think that websites such as Wikipedia have a wealth of information, but we know not to trust it. However, any Joe Bloggs could be sat typing on his laptop in his bedroom making up any old news and yet people would believe it!

Another thing I was introduced to was Google Plus. I've been told it's the new Facebook and it's going to conquer the world - I'm scared! I feel any ounce of my social life and keeping friends and family up-to-date at the moment depends on using Facebook. So trying to enlist on another website, along with writing nine news stories, learning Teeline, researching for High Street Business magazine and looking for jobs is out of the question! It's okay, Dan has informed me Google won't be taking over the social networking world just yet, phew!

On a slightly more concerning note, a pandemic has hit PMA! Lottie fell ill on the weekend as she mentioned in her post, but today three more PGs have either gone home sick or not even made it! So I decided to make a run for it with Krissie, Melodie and Mags to Boots at 6pm and stock up on the vitamins! Plus I'm counting on Riva's judgement with the Pollen-B supplements that she swears by. But I swear by chocolate and a nice cup of tea this evening!

So to make all my ill friends better and anyone else reading this blogpost, here is a video of Rupert Murdoch being hit in the face with a cream pie! Enjoy :)

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