27 July 2011


This post is also a day late. I watched Top Gear last night thinking I was all up-to-date, but I must remember that this is never the case at PMA.

We are well and truly stuck into features now. I brought in some cakes for everyone on Monday as a sweet accompaniment to the first stressful day of feature writing. They went down well. If I fail to make it as a journalist at least I have a backup career as a baker extraordinaire.

I had a bad experience over the weekend with a phone interview. I pride myself on my politeness so when a man I didn't even know was rude to me because he thought I was a 'spy', I was really quite offended. After what I thought was going to be a permanent fear of phones, I decided to get over it yesterday and call some people - and they actually spoke to me!

The friendly independent retailers are one thing, but press offices at big organisations are another. So far one unnamed department store has refused to talk to me because they don't deal with trade press, and another promised to get back to me yesterday afternoon and now, the next morning, I still haven't heard a peep. And my deadline is approximately now. Time to get on the phone and practise being a pushy journo type....

We had another PMAer from the summer 2009 course come to speak to us yesterday. I rushed off to get my train halfway through, but I managed to get a look at the magazine he is working on and it's really cool to see that he has loads of bylines...hopefully that'll be me soon. The job hunt so far has been fruitless but it's early days!

I'd better get onto this press office if I have any chance of scraping my deadline...TTFN.

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