16 July 2011

End of the week....

So today is my actual day to blog...and I really can say 'it's the end of the week'! Kind of. Apart from the ten news stories and load of shorthand we need to do tomorrow.

I felt quite ill this morning on the train in, but I put it down to exhaustion and powered through the day. First of all Keith put us through our paces with a spelling test - we all thought we could spell, but it appears not. Thank you, Keith, for the reality check!

At lunchtime, when we were just settling down to an afternoon of resubs and news writing, Roberta sprung a little surprise upon us. We have until tomorrow at 6pm to go to an event of our choice in London, find a news story, and write it. I was desperate to stay at home tomorrow and rid myself of exhaustion, so I decided to go straight out on story hunt. After some wandering around the V&A looking for the person I was hoping to speak to, I stumbled across another potential story, so interviewed them instead. I was really surprised that they were happy to speak to me, I'm convinced the image I present is '17 year old on a school trip'!

Now I'm home, and I have realised that I'm not just exhausted, I am actually ill. I have a fever of 101.4. Great timing.

Sorry Keith and Roberta if the work I produce this weekend is sub-par, which I suspect it will be considering my current state...slobbed out on the sofa and shivering.

What a note to finish week one on!

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