22 July 2011

End of an era, start of something AWESOME!!!

The past week has been totally different from the first on PMA, but they did tell us they would keep us on our toes!

Roberta was gone for two days of the week, which felt more like a fortnight, but she did return with wonderful gifts in the form of piles of resubmissions to trawl through. A postcard would have sufficed!
We spent the majority of the week with puddle filled shoes as we frantically searched for events to cover and people to interview. The most unusual event of the week was interviewing Frog, a stall owner in Camden market with a giant green mohawk and the most amazing shoe collection. Luckily for Tom, Becky and I resisted temptation to slip into shopping mode, but it was a struggle. The most controversial event of the week was definitely being told by a rather set-in-his-ways gentleman that Camden Market was ruined by the presence of "too many of them ethnics"... awkward!!
Moving swiftly on, as there is no time for dawdlers this summer, this week marked the end of an era for me. I regrettably missed the joy that is video editing and attended my graduation. As torrential rain hit London, Manchester was full of dry sunshine and happiness, what a role reversal! Tomorrow, much to the amazement of my former class mates, I shall be heading in to 'the office' for 8am. Yes, on a saturday. This has become second nature for us all at PMA but I am told this is crazed behaviour. But I don't care, because it's awesome and I love it!! Oh dear... I think I need some sleep....

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