24 July 2011

An eerily quiet Sunday

Unlike last weekend where I spent my Sunday at the Lambeth Country Show on the look out for a news story in torrential rain before speeding back to my flat to get the story in for Roberta by 6pm, today was very quiet. Eerily so. I think I was expecting Roberta to ring up and say: "Surprise! I want a front page scoop on my desk in 3 hours, go!" [Do note that I have used the house style for the reported speech]

So really there is nothing particularly exciting to report today. I rang up a lovely lady to interview her for a story for 'Retirement Business'. She was at the polo but happily rang me back. Then I did more resubmissions and shorthand.... again.

We are starting features next week. Roberta has not exactly instilled hope in us that it will be good. In fact we have been warned that people start the course hating news and wanting to do features and leave it loving news and hating features. Good good. Bring on week 3....

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