26 July 2011

Delayed blog.

This blog entry has missed his deadline. Bad planning from me. I blame it on a busy busy Monday tackling features.

Recruiting a candidate with an interesting job for a Witter interview (answers of 140 characters only) was tricky. Even trickier is finding someone with a life that's so interesting we'll be able to write 800 words about their average day. Lesson of the day: features are tricky. Tricky but fun.

We all got on the phone to interview people for our news and feature pieces for High Street Business which was less scary than I'd thought. Apart from one conversation with a county council member who said I was very vague. Awkward. I'll never be vague again.

Ex-PMAer Penny came to talk to us in the evening about jobs, the magazine and team work which was a massive help. Tales of boozy lunches and lighting displays means that her magazine, LUX, might be bombarded CV's over the coming weeks...

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