14 July 2011

Bring back 50 word word limits! Otherwise known as Save Our Sanity...

Keen to keep us on our toes, literally, Roberta not only sent back all our resubmissions for resubmission, she also set us 250 word limit stories and made us do a vox pop.

After all the stress of trying to cut down news stories to 50 words, I mistakenly thought 250 word articles might be easier. I was wrong. And judging by the comments from fellow PGs as we poured over Microsoft's press release in the morning, I am not alone.

This afternoon we got a chance to stretch our legs as Roberta unleashed us on the streets of Camden, armed with questions to spring on the unsuspecting public. It was really nice to be out of the classroom and in the sunshine. Ann Marie and I luckily also found people happy to tell us their opinion on proposals to encourage more home births.

No comment today from a Camden local quite topped the following quote from a man I approached when we did our Camden area quiz on Monday: 'Why are you asking me questions man? I smoke dope'

Now back to those resubmissions...

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