30 July 2011

The beginning of the end of the week

So it's Saturday morning at 9am and we're all here fresh faced. It's a luxury now coming into PMA at this time wearing jeans, or in Tom's case... shorts and a football top!

I feel we're all getting to grips with the routine now. Although many of us feel like zombies during the week, we cope with the late nights and early mornings. What keeps us going is coffee on tap, chocolatey treats brought in by Ploy and Keith and a lot of laughing. Yes, laughter really is the best medicine in this case, otherwise you cry!

But I do think crying is necessary on this course. Everything builds up over time; be it deadlines and resubmissions, writing shorthand texts about fashion being fickle, pressure to call people for interviews, understanding media law, calling landlords about broken radiators or trying to fight off illness. You need to cry to let it all out and move on, it's like a our mini moment of madness.

I had mine briefly where no PMA PGs could see, although I was in the middle of Euston station! I saw a friend briefly from my hometown Birmingham. It was a nice reminder that with all the craziness of this course, there is an outside world out there. But with a little moment of feeling homesick, I walked home to my lovely house where four lovely PGs were waiting and it just made me realise how lucky I am.

We have such a great support network here. Any moment where someone is feeling down, frustrated, happy or scared, you always have someone to share it with. Our little PMA family is shaping up nicely, and I'm getting that lovely homely feeling with the group this morning talking about Stacey Solomon and KFC doing breakfasts!

I just hope the rest of the group can cope with me as editor on High Street Business - I can only apologise in advance guys :)


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