15 July 2011

8.45 am and PMA had morphed itself into a Kent police press conference. And Roberta had become both Detective Sergeant Jim Joyce and Asda manager Richard Abbott. This was our chance to turn our hands to some interviewing- pretty tricky when neither 'detective' nor 'sergeant' role off my short hand quite yet.

Quick lunch and off to 'The 50+ Show' at Olympia to hunt down eight news stories. Real life. No Roberta in sight. Meeting Anne Robinson's personal shopper (apparently there's no 'Weakest Link' chat in real life- she's really nice) was a definite highlight. The low light? Forgetting to wear trousers which meant the climbing wall was out of bounds for me. Something to remember for next time...

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  1. Woops...I got the wrong blog day! Awkward. I'll just write another one tomorrow!


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