04 March 2011

The most productive lunch time

I've come to the conclusion that I rather enjoy blogging. If this is what tweeting is like I amy very well join that world too...

I had the most productive lunch today....

On it I discovered that one hour is long enough to go to Westfield, do some (very minimal) shopping and still have time for Pret soup of the day and a chocolate brownie.

I shall rather miss my 35 minute commute next week, when the long treck back to Camden once again ensues. But the I figure, the week after that I shall be missing my Camden-travels and the tales that go with it.

You can never win really.

Oh yeah - must add this SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It may be bloody freezing, but at least the sun's out. Maybe it's a sign that Spring is on its way after all.

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