01 March 2011

It's not my turn to blog, but...

It's press day at PR week and instead of doing the frantic scouring news, I'm reading our blog.

Not quite sure why, perhaps lack of sleep, too much crappy food and the need of a good night out - which isn't cut short by 'oh shit i have to go to school tomorrow,' but it's all left me feeling a wee bit on the emotional side. AND THEN, i came across this:

It's the last blog from last year's course. I remember reading it before and not really paying attention. But this time round it's left me feeling a little bit teary.

REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY sad that it's nearly over :-(

Rachel speaks the truth.

It's hard to believe that nine weeks of hard work are coming to an end. Don't get me wrong, I have about a million zillion trillion hours of sleep to catch up on as per the other day when I could hardly string a sentence together. But PMA has really changed the way I write and definitely the way I present myself as a journalist.

When I met the guys from the last course, I distinctly remember one of the girls saying to me: "Don't say you are a student, always say you are a journalist".  And it is true. This course makes you realise that you havecome a long way and you deserve to be known as a journalist because you have worked bloody hard.

But let's be honest, here are the five things I have learnt from PMA
1. Apostrophes - yes Keith, I have learnt from you.
2. Nobody cares what you think - a Roberta favourite
3. Sainsbury's is the only supermarket out there
4. Don't use a video camera without sound
5. READ THE BLOODY NEWS (or be in last place...I was so close!)

It's been productive.


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