06 March 2011

Can I go back to making tea and making photocopies please

An email I sent to my course lead tutor outlining some problems at my placement:

While I'm here: The Engineer magazine feature. Essentially, it won't be done in time. Which is driving me dangerously close to apoplexy.

The features ed has not been easy to please. Last Friday, after a number of 'no thank you' replies I organised to go to the bio-engineering department of Imperial and speak to someone about neuromorphic computing systems, neurophysiology with its relevance to the development of AI.

Features Ed said If I did 1200 words on this, and it was any good, he'd take it. So I interviewed the algorithm-minded lunatic of a professor who may, or may not, have been speaking in ancient Greek or Khoisan African clicks.

A combination of being cut short by mr press-fucking-man and not knowing if/who/when/how I'd got any relevant content, left me with nearly enough, but not enough, information. This was yesterday; the soonest they could arrange it.

I've since transcribed the interview and it's okay. But to try and chisel away at this menhir of a task I need, god help me, to speak to him again. This, I've been told cannot happen until Monday. I'm off to take some anti-hypertensive beta blockers.

Resubs coming soon.


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