03 February 2011

Wolves, french radio, hop hop and DJ Mayor Pennie

Ever wondered what happened at PMA in Mornington Crescent, London?

We're all finding out how HARD it is to become a journalist. I would rather get in the ring with Ricky Hatton right now.

We have to sub X number of articles, inlcuding one of my own from the early days. It's been a case of literally shredding it.

I went to the event production show at the kensington olympia to grab a few interviews and find some more neeewwwwsssss for the mag. It's the third exhibition I've been to since the course began. Please no more. I can't bear it.

Richard kindly informed us there are only eight shorthand lessons left. cue panic.

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  1. You loved it at The Event Event J-dog! Don't pretend you've had enough of exhibitions x


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