23 February 2011


Day three at Caterer and I just messed up an interview with a new member of the prestigious Master Chefs of Great Britain clan.

I decided to turn down my neighbour's kindly offer of a headset and take notes instead. What was I thinking! A 'Minute on the clock' interview turned into '30 seconds in a pool of sweat' and now I need to call him back for another 200 words.

I couldn't hear what he was saying (nice excuse!) and was so busy trying to write the painfully staccato answers he was giving me (in longhand may I add) that I couldn't think of anything else to ask. Everyone in the office mocked me hard when I finished. "Hmmm- that was a bit short! Don't worry it was your first one! We'll give you another one later"

I didn't want to explain that I'd been interviewing people all month so I shut up, sipped on my cold tea and choked- very loudly and in front of the editor/whole office. The email on 'sorry I didn't make you a cup of tea earlier' swiftly morphed into 'that's karma for not making me a tea!'

Oh well, today a printed copy of the new edition was placed on my desk with a cheeky byline next to my 'Future Inns Hotel Apprentice' news story. "We don't normally put them there but I squeezed one in!"

It's not as good as my online byline on Dominos Pizza Dagenham. Yes, they subbed it to death but if you google my name I'm famous!

So this is why we're doing this!?

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