18 February 2011

Press day

I am meant to blog tomorrow. However the mayhem that is press day has sent me slightly loopy and inspired me to blog early.

To follow the excellent precedent set by Laurak, here is my list of films PMA is not like, but I wish it was:

High School Musical - one to three (that's house style)
A group of ridiculously good looking people all get together to overcome their prejudices and realise it's ok not to be good at everything.

Hannah Montana
An ordinary girl leads a double life. She gets the best of both worlds, spending time with her friends as well as managing to hold down her dream job.

A super hot journalist not only works for Time magazine but scoops an exclusive story and gets to hang out with Billy Zane (he's a cool dude). Oh and she gets a quick makeover thrown in too. 

Ok, not a film but..... 
The New Adventures of Superman 
A journalist falls in love with a handsome man who not only happens to be good at carrying her shopping but also provides her with news exclusives on a regular basis. 

I'm pretty sure there are more but proof reading and HOUSE STYLE IT'S NOT IN HOUSE STYLE has killed my brain. 

And I'm spent. 

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