13 February 2011

PMA: The movie

I didn’t go to find a dark room and gin. I realised I'm behind with blogs so I found a purple room instead and decided to do another one. But don’t worry, there will be pictures!

Roberta told me that PMA is a bit like being in The Breakfast Club for nine weeks. She has a point. You are thrown together with these strangers and you bond, you learn and maybe punch the air at the end and sing Don’t You Forget About Me.

The idea of being stuck in a John Hughes film for any length of time scared me to my very core. But it also got me thinking about other films that remind me of the PMA experience. Enjoy!


A group of gifted people (or mutant weirdos) going to a special school as they no longer have a place in normal society. Need I say more?

Battle Royale

People killing each other to get ahead. I’m not naming any names here, but…

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

The excess of sweets, the outbursts of singing, the insanity - this is pure PMA. Plus I may just have found the golden ticket into an amazing career. I can't believe I actually wrote that last sentence.

But on a bad day the chocolate factory that is PMA can be a lot more like this...

Oompa Loompa doopady do.

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