13 February 2011

I seem to always be writing about Sunday Blues...

Well this Sunday is pretty blue...

My law notes are all coloured in blue, McNae's Essential Law for Journalists is blue, my oranges all have blue labels on and Pennie has a blue bag of crisps. One thing that is not blue is the sky. It's grey. Pathetic fallacy I do think.

Tomorrow is the big three: valentine's Day, the Media Mock and a meeting with the examiner. I really don't know which I'm dreading more. Probably the dreaded v-day. I've just realised i capitalised Media Mock - perhaps this is telling.

I hope tomorrow is less of a blue day - with the exception of blue skies. They're always welcome.

Must get back to attempting to cram. Never thought i'd say that word again. CRAM. It's a funny word. Makes me think of crap. Perhaps the two should go together. Cram Crap. To cram crap. Need to cram, CRAP!!!!

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