02 February 2011

I conclude...Richard 'Shorthand' Ward: A God amongst mere mortals

The morning’s shorthand started in swift symbolic style, during which Richard dictated at 120 wpm ‘just for a laugh’, and oooohhhh how we laughed!

After a much-needed coffee break, Keith got us checking our tenses, past participles, capitals, commas, hyphens etc. etc. etc.  It was quite empowering getting to cover published work in red pen, rather then being on the receiving end of a web of crimson scribble.

In the afternoon, we hit the Event Production Show in search of news nuggets and video titbits for the magazine. I managed to bag a rather fetching sack of a fleece from a Topher security company – talk about perks of the job! Hmmm something to keep me warm on my midnight journeys home from the office at least.

Onwards and upwards.

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