13 February 2011

The dreaded words...Exam, Shorthand and Valentine's Day

Spending Sunday back in the PMA building is surprisingly restful.

Fewer people = greater concentration.

It is ironic that tomorrow, [Valentine's Day] supposedly the most romantic day of the year, is likely to be the day of celebrating hard graft. At least for the PMA PGs, anyway.
Strangely enough, as it will be my first Valentine's Day in 6 years as a singleton, I am welcoming the distraction from all the love hearts and schmaltz.

We have our Media Law exam at 8.30am sharp, and our workbooks need to be up to scratch for the external examiner. Personally I  am starting to dread shorthand already. Maybe one day we will fall in love with one another again. I can only hope it's in time for the final exam.

Maybe a Valentine to shorthand would help...

Valentine Conga

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