13 February 2011

The day of rest

It's 22.25 on a Sunday night. I've been here since 10am.

A hundred years ago this amount of Sunday work would have been regarded heresy. I'd have been taken to one side and given a damn good exorcising.

The only way to maintain this many hours of toil is to break up the time with a treat. A treat in this context is anything, even if only fractionally, more pleasurable than beginning to revise media law. In this case, it has materialised as two things:

1. A stolen Ryvita multi-grain a la Bovril. The beef extract's worrying viscosity betrays its rather ripe age.

2. www.plentyoffish.com, which is a free online dating website that some of us more desperate creatures have delighted in recently.

By the way, word of my day is concupiscible. T'is truly scrumptious.


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