09 February 2011

Halfway wreckage

As I look back on the blazing wreckage that was my life I realise I probably needed to do this course for quite a while.

Being wrenched from your comfort zone isn't a pleasant experience but once you get through the initial pain it ends up making things much better.

Getting up at 6 every day isn't that bad. Writing news and features is getting easier. What really surprises me is how much I'm enjoying prising information from the unsuspecting public.

I think I've been lucky as most people I've interviewed have been keen to talk to me, a great improvement to the first couple of weeks when my panicked and hesitant 'hi I'm a journalist...' spiel led to not a lot of information.

Cliches and exclamation marks? I'm trying to come off them...it's hard!!!!! Subbing and law? Nightmarish. Shorthand?! The highlight of my day...

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