22 February 2011

The big, bad world

I'm sure I'm meant to blog today. (well not entirely sure otherwise I wouldn't have started with that assertion)

Soooo.....placement week has begun, day 2: it's press day and I've already been threatened with legal action. Nice. Note to self: School boy error: not keeping a record of one's interview notes.

On a lesser legal note: a company = it, not their. And the second time you refer to a person, it's by their surname. Of course I knew all of this. I blame the pressure of an intensely quiet office and the notable absence of a) Simon singing b) Damien squealing c) Jerome's phone calls to Buckingham palace d) the sound of the kettle boiling. (note how there are no girls in my list) e) Claire singing The hills are aliiiiveeeee, with the sound of muusssiiiiccc f) Robbie reminding us that "this is not a zoo".

I'd like to re-iterate Pennie's statement from last night. I want to remain a student journalist my entire life and never have to actually do it for real. And then Gemma's un-answerable question: "why are we doing this"

On a brighter note: I had the news editor tell me that he loves my leopard print fur coat. OOOOHH YEAAAAH !!!

lots of 'physical' love xxxxxxxxxx

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