18 February 2011

Better late than never

It's nearly seven PM on press day. I can't remember what I did on the day I was supposed to blog, so I'm going to have to talk about what I did today. I subbed on-screen which is where you trim little bits of articles and news to make them fit within the bounds of the boxes laid out by the desktop publishing software. I subbed the sub's work which was quite a proud moment for me, although I was rather nervous at first. I had to lose about forty words and it's never easy to start the process of messing with something that someone has put so much effort into. The scary thing is that once you start, it can become a bit of a cutting frenzy. I haven't actually left the building at all today because the influx of subbing and proofing was endless. I notice that it's getting lighter. The birds are a bit more vocal. Spring is nearly here but the seasons seem a bit irrelevant when you're under this much pressure. I think when the magazine is finished I'm going to take a copy of it and sit in a park to read it. And then maybe I could tear the pages out and make a bed.

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