22 February 2011

Being a real journalist

With day two of my work placement at Construction News out the way, I am even more excited at the prospect of this being my life. I have been working on a feature for the magazine today and spoke to a really interesting man about eco-houses. With my fear of telephones well and truly vanquished, I relished in a day spent making calls and asking questions. This is my world. I will force my way in and make it my home. Somehow.

It was press day at CN today, along with many other publications in the emap building. It was nothing on our press day.

I am now back at base with Ben hoping to make it through a backlog (and frontlog) of work that needs to be done. By starting with the blog, the aim is to ease myself in. I have missed PMA over the last couple of days, a little reminder that it is all almost over. Things will never be the same again. I hope to keep at least a few of the guys I've met.

I know the world of online is all about visuals and multimedia of sorts, but I'm not going to post any. I don't want to deter your attention from my beautiful waffles =p

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