28 February 2011

The beginning of the end

God today is well and truly a miserable day. Yesterday was a much better day...No sunday blues this time, just monday ones! This is mainly to do with the fact that it's just occurred to me how close to the end we are and how little time left we have together.

Can't believe it's only been a week since fest biz went to print...and an entire week since we were all there...and so a mini reunion ensured yday. Not in the guise of drinks and food of course....but in the form of re-subs, pma and or course caramel chocolate shortcake biscuits. In the words of Georgie "i may never eat another one again."

It's quite sad really, we only have a week placement + a week exams to go. The it's all over. I miss everyone already.

Nina may very well kill me for this - but yday, she mentioned a reunion of sorts, at her house, involving sunshine, bbq and beer. Sounds like a plan.

Lets finalise a date guys...

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