19 January 2011

Weeks are just f-f-f-f-lying and blending into one

We kicked off with an hour and half of Teeline this morning. George obviously wasn't looking forward to it as the gates to our beloved Centre for excellence were opened just minutes before the 8.30 start.

Among the myriad of special outlines and symboles we added 'F' blends to our shorthand repetoire. Apparently the letters F and R, F and L all turn into one symbol.

We then continued from where we left off with Ade and all things online. I think I'm going to have to pay attention to this if we want the festivalbusiness.co.uk to look any good. One thing I can promise is there's certainly a role as deputy online editor...anyone? anyone? anyone?

In other news: I'm feeling like week two is going well. Perhaps the journalism gods are smiling down on us?

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