24 January 2011

Second wave

Last week was a repeat brain-stuffing. I've never had to absorb so much information. Back in the bad old days I'd have quietly dozed off in a lesson but it's all pertinent so I can't. That's got to be a good thing.

Monday we recapped on how to write news. Tuesday and Wednesday was writing for the web. I worked as an online copywriter before starting the course and I think I learned more in two days than two years.

Thursday and Friday was video interviewing and editing in iMovie. After learning how to frame a shot we went out into the wilds of Camden, grabbed unsuspecting strangers and bossed them around until they were standing in the right place for our purposes. Some of the videos turned out really well. Keep Camden, Camden.

Saturday is grammar day. We had a spelling test and managed to notch up a surprising number of mis-spellings over two sides of A4. But how do you spell aerate? I've just told you.

This week we stand at the foot of Mt. Features. Will we get to the top and plant our flags firmly in its summit? You guys go on ahead, I'm just going to rest up here...

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