16 January 2011

PMA First Week etc.

As Sunday crawls to a close I feel as though this has been the most exhausting week of my life. I can't even imagine feeling more tired... but I'm sure I'll discover what that feels like.

This week has been amazing. I would recommend this course to anyone who really loves this world.

Yesterday we were set the task of going to an event of our choice and finding a news story, due in this afternoon. I went to Casino Royale's 12th birthday at Barfly, where the mayor and mayoress of Camden were the guest DJs.

I spent most of yesterday worried about having to do it. But within 10 minutes of me being there (I got in for free by the way) I was talking to strangers outside and getting a feel of the joint. Maybe half an hour later I had struck up conversation with a man stood next to me. Turns out, he knows the organisers. So I get taken inside to meet the guy running the show and the host and then the mayor and take the opportunity to have a casual chat, ask a few questions, get some free booze and a few contact numbers. Over all a successful evening I would say.

The work load is a little daunting, but I managed to get a lot done today. Spending your Sunday working isn't something many people are used to, but I think I really enjoy the environment. The people around me are all pretty great and we seem to have clicked pretty quickly. I can see myself staying in contact with a few of them beyond the course, which is nice too.

But, I am now just waffling on a bit and that is the opposite of what I learnt to do this week... oops.

Pennie x

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