10 January 2011

One down...

Well I did it, folks. The dreaded first day has been survived and I have to say I’m a little annoyed. I missed out on a lot of much needed beauty sleep worrying that I’m not good enough for this course and it turns out I got this pale and haggard face for nothing. I couldn’t have asked for a more reassuring first day.

I half expected my first day to be like some journalist’s version of The Apprentice, with me of course being the first person to be fired. Thankfully and rather obviously to anyone less neurotic than my good self, I was wrong. Keith and Roberta are about as far from Alan Sugar as you can get with their supportive presence and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into every aspect of the course.

Well, except maybe the shorthand. The bags under my eyes I gained from worrying about that part of the course may actually be justified. Let the late night cramming begin...

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