11 January 2011

New = NEWS. Easy!

They say a great magician never reveals his tricks? Well, thankfully for us, some great hacks do! As it happens, Keith’s news nose is as sharp as a needle, and he was kind enough to bestow his expert knowledge upon us today - and there was lots of it.

As a starting point, the group decided that ‘Dog bites Nina’ was not as newsworthy as ‘Dog bites Posh Spice’. Something about my public persona not being quite as ‘vogue’ or ‘elite’ as the Beckhams’?? I quietly beg to differ on this one. 

The first teeline class was not the excruciating nightmare I had imagined, and Richard seems a lovely chap who might just get us up to speed. Literally. (As long as the word 'substantiated' doesn't come up in the exam).

It’s only day two, and as we start to plan the magazine, the nerves are already turning to excitement and raw determination. We’ve got less than nine weeks to become “the best journalists of our generation”.  Simples. Right guys?

But, just incase we need a little help from a higher being now and again, here's the Lord’s prayer... in shorthand. ;-)

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