13 January 2011

The long haul

8.30am every day. Sounds tough right? What about 8.30am every SINGLE day including weekends for 9 weeks!

You're having a laugh! Listen here missy, mother said, a woman renowned for her steely sense of sado-masichism. People go out to Afghanistan for years you will be fine!

Well its day four and i'm about to embark on the long trek to school...I mean the PMA, and from what I've seen in the past 24 hours we have a lot of blood and sweat ahead!

News is proving interesting and we had a delightful talk from a former PMA-er who told us that she couldn't even remember the first few days from the 9 weeks she did over summer

Trauma! Someone said. My thoughts exactly.

I don't know if anyone spent their days frantically changing features to news, subbing or self-loathing at poor use of grammar while serving their country but they should count themselves lucky!!


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