15 January 2011

Grammar hurts

It's not everyday you think about how to use an apostrophe properly.

Pop group Hear'Say famously made an unconventional use of an apostrophe in its name. Some called it a significant milestone on the road to punctuation anarchy. I for one, was concerned. Another example is Dexys Midnight Runners, who omit the possessive apostrophe. Though Dexys could be understood as a plural form of Dexy, rather than a possessive form.

So while certain ominous cabals of the British music industry are doing their best to bastardise modern English, we the scholarly few, will fight back. Well, we'll give it a ruddy good go anyway.

Contraction and possession we now know who you are, you furtive fiends. And, we think we know how to deal with you. Sort of.

I love you all. But only to look at.

Damien x

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