14 January 2011

First Week in The Big Smoke

So... it will be one week tomorrow since I moved to London.
Life in the capital and on the journalism course is so different to the steady pace North Yorkshire!

I think I must thrive on discipline...we have been pushed and prodded into a new pace of life - the life of a Journalist. When members of the profession say that they do the best job in the world, I now know what they mean. It is hard, but if you love people, events, places and above all, the written word you cannot find a better occupation. At least if this is the taste of things to come...

Our mission today was to hunt for buried treasure at the Education conference/exhibition BETT; the reward being several news stories and 'fillers', which could only be obtained through conversation and observation.

Whether the quest has been fulfilled is yet to be seen...but at least a supper of fish and chips, a glass of wine and hysterical laughter was a good end to an exhausting afternoon.

Work hard, play hard and live life to the full.
If this is what I can expect as a journo, I think the ride to get there will be worth it.

Until tonorrow...


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