23 January 2011

Features, Festivals and Fun.

So as it turns out I misunderstood how the order sheet works... I was convinced I was today, but turns out I was yesterday. Now that it has been explained, I'm sure I've got it cracked.

As the cogs to our magazine have started to turn, the lot of us are getting our heads around talking to people. Industry folk are getting excited about it, which is perfect, as it is going to be the best magazine ever. Obviously. It will be around forever I reckon. Or you know, at least for as long as festivals are cool (which has to be a while I'm thinking).

Interviewing skills are being toned and news writing is being tightened. My blog skills are a bit waffly (is that a word?) though, and nobody cares what I think. I'm just a vessel.

So to any budding journo, go for it, be confident and believe.

Week 3, day one: Win. Tired. Improving.

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