11 January 2011


Day one was a doddle compared to today. The real hard work started today. This morning we discussed what constitutes news and what the different news sources are for a magazine journalist. 

We also began work on the FESTIVAL BUSINESS. This magazine is definitely going to hit the high street shelves in around three months time and we're all going to take a cut. You better believe it.

Richard Ward then took us through our paces at shorthand, which wasn't too bad but things are bound to get harder and faster. 

We were given our first assignment this afternoon and although it may seem easy to write a 50 word news story, it's not. I've got a funny feeling Roberta has something up her sleeve for us tomorrow, involving a conference. An email in my inbox reads 'This week sees BETT take over Olympia

What is it all about?


  1. Good luck for the course!! I will be eagerly following your adventures from France, as I am in the next batch!
    I'm getting nervous just by reading your posts so I can only imagine how you must feel right now!

  2. I'm in the summer batch for 2011! I'll be following too. Sounds scary! :S


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