13 January 2011


Day four in the big brother house: housemates have started to lose touch with reality and the outside world!

... that's not entirely true. Roberta let us out on the general public today to gather vox pops on breaking national stories. I felt very excited to practice my amateur journalistic skills on unsuspecting Camden locals. I'd like to take this time to personally thank all the people who didn't run away in fear from me and my notepad!

We had an election this afternoon to see who will be the editors of our magazine on festival business. Luckily, the electoral system is shoddy and we'll have another night's sleep until we find out just how much work we're potentially taking on. Anyone up for a coalition?!

NEWS FLASH: PMA fever has hit the camp. Classes finished at 17.00 this afternoon and yet we're still all here typing away at our desks. I fear this is the start of things to come.

Back to resubs and shorthand homework!
Laura R xx

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