09 September 2010

End of a 'mini-era'

Rachel speaks the truth.

It's hard to believe that nine weeks of hard work are coming to an end. Don't get me wrong, I have about a million zillion trillion hours of sleep to catch up on as per the other day when I could hardly string a sentence together. But PMA has really changed the way I write and definitely the way I present myself as a journalist.

When I met the guys from the last course, I distinctly remember one of the girls saying to me: "Don't say you are a student, always say you are a journalist".  And it is true. This course makes you realise that you have come a long way and you deserve to be known as a journalist because you have worked bloody hard.

But let's be honest, here are the five things I have learnt from PMA
1. Apostrophes - yes Keith, I have learnt from you.
2. Nobody cares what you think - a Roberta favourite
3. Sainsbury's is the only supermarket out there
4. Don't use a video camera without sound
5. READ THE BLOODY NEWS (or be in last place...I was so close!)

It's been productive.

Natasha x

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