15 August 2010

"You're going off on a tangent"

Above is the phrase which practically describes my skills in feature writing.

But really?! Am I really going off on a tangent? Yes I am, unfortunately.

Feature writing is an art. I never felt that features would be anything less than hard, but over the last couple of weeks it has seemed like an impossible mountain to climb.  My advice for you is don't say anything that is too bold without having a quote to back it up. And never think that your idea is amazing because trust me it takes days to perfect that pitch.

If I had a penny and all that...you know how the story goes.

So, we are basically approaching a hellish but satisfying week (I like to work in extremes).  This thursday, the magazine will go to print. Daunting, isn't it? We are all working really hard to sub the copy this weekend to avoid Roberta telling us we haven't a chance in hell of putting the subbed copy in. The dream would be the opposite. We can all hope.

And Pop-up Business is an area we are all becoming very well accustomed to...although many of us are getting sick of it!

We all loved Sean's little song "Pop up here, pop up there, pop up everywhere".

But first things first, we have a media law exam tomorrow. God, I wish that was libel.

Natasha xxxxx

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