26 August 2010

PMA - does exactly what it says on the tin!

Hello people, very sorry for our recent silence, I know you must have missed us.  Believe it or not there is life after Pop-up Business, we have all been busy at our respective placements.  Last I heard Tash was writing about calorie labels and chicory at Restaurant magazine and Amit was at an STD conference for GP.  Myself, I've been doing a profile on Gladys in Newcastle who has just retired after 38 years of volunteer nursery work.  I am at Haymarket's Nursery World.  A lovely bunch.

In slightly more interesting news however (sorry guys), I got a job!

Yes me, I am officially employable.  I will be starting at Market Intelligence Ltd, who publish amazing fresh produce trade magazines such as Eurofruit and Asiafruit, straight after graduation!

Oh, so, excited!!!!

PMA, it does exactly what it says on the tin!

(big thank you to Roberta and Keith)

R x

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